About Us

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Our history

We are a Canadian company established in Ottawa/Gatineau and Montreal. 
Our team has been working with digital technology for the past 20 years.
We  are experts in the fields of graphic design, web design, digital marketing and mobile application development.

We have worked on projects involving cellphone applications, e-commerce websites and online marketing.
We stay up to date on the latest trends and marketing strategies and we always try to surpass our client’s expectations.

Who Are We

We are a web design, logo design and marketing company.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

What we want

We want to provide you with a quality website that is reasonably priced while you focus on your business.

Why us

We offer quality services and products with competitive prices.
We ensure your full satisfaction.

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Webxperts was founded by a Canadian Aboriginal entrepreneur.
Alexandre Leroy Lumsden has been business oriented his whole life and he started coding at the age of 15.

Alex attended the University of Montreal, Concordia University and HEC Montréal.

Feel free to contact him at any time. Check the contact page for his coordinates.

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